2. International Conference on Educational Technologies



17th – 19th May 2023

Split, Republic of Croatia

Hotel Radisson Blu



First conference IZZI POWER OF EDUCATION, entitled Upgrade with digital technologies, aims to bring together innovative technologies in the service of knowledge exploring new opportunities and new ways of teaching they offer. Moreover, it aspires to show how to combine new ideas and teaching methods in a creative and inspiring ways, accordant with our needs in schools and universities.


Lectures focused on new technologies in education and the possibilities of creating and distributing digital educational content through different forms of cooperation between the public and private sector. Presentations of different concepts of digitalization in education and examples of good practice.


Presentations of the best digital solutions aimed at improving the teaching and learning processes, as well as presentations of new digital educational content and projects. Hands-on interactive workshops exploring the possibilities and potential of technological tools in creating digital content.


A round table discussion on the topic Digital education of tomorrow – trend or need? will bring together prominent and acknowledged experts to share their views on current issues concerning the future of education, online classes and the advantages digital technologies bring to education.

The conference is intended for publishers of educational content and heads of educational institutions for secondary and higher education, interested in projects funded by EU funds.

The program of the two-day international conference will last 9 hours altogether, and each participant will receive a participation certificate.


Three of the luckiest publishers

stand a chance of winning a free two-hour presentation on the range of options available on IZZI digital platforms.

Three of the luckiest schools

stand a chance of winning a free two-hour consultation on how to apply for EU-funded projects.


Conference aims and outcomes


► Explore and examine the new possibilities that digital technologies bring to education ►
► Learn all about the best and most successful educational projects financed by EU funds, about international cooperations and innovations in educational projects ►
► Connect and create a network – to bring together experts from various fields and encourage and support them in creating new partnerships for future educational projects ►


Our aim is to present the best digital technologies that the future of education requires, as well as new digital solutions aligned with teaching methods.


May 17th to 19th at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Split.


Excellent speakers, leading Croatian and foreign experts in the field of digital educational technologies and their application, delegates from various publishing companies and educational institutions.

WHY should you attend?

Interesting and stimulating program, excellent lectures, presentations of the best and most successful educational projects funded by EU funds, exchange of experiences and best practice ideas and networking.



Perttu Pölönen

Futurist, inventor and author from Finland

He has studied future technologies at Singularity University, based at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, co-founded an edtech company in Myanmar, written two books and won EU’s biggest science competition for youth. In 2018 MIT Tech Review honored him among the 35 Innovators Under 35 in Europe. He is the author of the book Future Skills, which has been translated into seven world languages.

Ivan Đikić

Professor at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and a member of the Max Planck Institute

He is a world expert in tumor and infectious disease research. He was trained as a doctor at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb with a doctorate at New York University. He has won numerous scientific awards and is an elected member of the German, European and American Academies. He works dedicatedly to educate young people and popularize science, for which he was awarded the Order of Prince Branimir by the President of the Republic of Croatia.

Andrea Čović Vidović

Deputy Head and Head of Press and Media, European Commission Representation in Croatia

She has years of experience in EU affairs, diplomacy, communications and management. She finished her study at the University of Sussex, the Technical University of Dresden and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Relations in the USA. During her business experience, she worked for numerous Ministries. Since Croatia’s accession into the EU, she worked in the European Parliament, and since July 2022 she is the head of media for the European Commission in Croatia.

Ivan Vidiš

State Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy

Master’s degree in Political Science with work experience in European Union institutions and the private sector. As part of his responsibilities, he is in charge of labour market policies and the development of relevant skills.

Brian Cochrane

Communications and project management expert

Brian is a communications expert with over 25 years of consulting and project management experience. He specialises in developing proposals and communications strategies for EU funded Digital Skills, Education and Capacity Building programmes, and he has coordinated numerous multi- million euro projects for the European Commission and other organisations over the years. Brian is a Senior Manager with Schuman Associates, a Brussels based EU Business Advisory firm who specialise in helping their clients to identify opportunities, access EU funding, and deliver successful projects. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, holder of a CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a BA Honours in Marketing from University of Glamorgan.

Helga Holtkamp

Director of the European Association of Publishers in Education

Before she became a director of the EEPG (European Educational Publishers Group), Helga was a teacher of English and German and then head of adult education at one of the biggest German publishers. She is also a writer of ELT books for primary and secondary schools as well as a juror for the BELMA. She is an avid follower of innovation in education and has had many interesting conversations with ChatGPT.

Sandra Kučina Softić

Assistant Director of the University Computing Center Srce

Her area of interest is strategic decision-making related to the systematic implementation of e-learning in higher education and teacher training in digital competencies. In 2021, she published the book Digital transformation, new approaches and challenges in education. From 2019 to 2022, she held the position of president of the international organization EDEN, and since now she is a member of the executive board of EDEN DLE.

Emanuele Lizzi

Lead designer at Neuralab

Lead designer at Neuralab, a digital agency specializing in web design, and development. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Emanuele has established himself as a skilled designer with a passion for creating compelling and user-friendly digital experiences. Emanuele leads a team of designers, guiding them in their work to ensure that each project is executed to the highest standards. He brings a unique perspective to his work, combining his technical expertise with a keen eye for aesthetics to create designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Marijana Neuberg

Head of the Department of Nursing at the University of the North

Associate Professor at the University of Mostar and the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in Slovenj Gradec. She holds a doctorate in the field of social gerontology, is the coordinator for lifelong learning and adult education at the University of the North, a member of the Health Council of Varaždin County, vice-president of the Croatian Association of Nurses in Palliative Care, and one of the managers of the E-learning portal of the Croatian Chamber of Nurses.

Damir Medved

Project manager for complex transformation projects in the corporate and public sector

The specialty of the area of Smart cities and regions, strategic planning, but also the introduction of advanced technologies (such as the practical application of AI, IoT, Blockchain) in city planning and the design of concrete solutions (digital twins, urban simulations, etc.). He is the initiator and technical coordinator of the Competence Center for Smart Cities in Rijeka, and is currently leading the EDIH Adria project at the University of Rijeka, which is intended to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs apply the latest technologies in their business.

Juraj Bilić

Deputy director of CARNET

He is an expert in the development of projects in e-education, with an emphasis on projects financed from EU funds. He initiated and led the development of the e-School project, transforming and digitizing Croatian schools. He is currently leading the brAIn project, which deals with artificial intelligence in education. He is a member of the OECD Working Group for Management and Supervision of Artificial Intelligence – AIGO, as well as the Working Group for Digital Education, Learning and Teaching of the European Commission – DELTA. He has expertise in project development, team management, project management and data analysis, with a special interest in the ethics of artificial intelligence and the ethical use of technology in education in general.

Martina Silov

Executive Director at Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CroAI)

Before that, Martina worked at CroAI as a Project Manager and was in charge of all projects and events regarding the Association – philosophical and tech meetups, parties, educations, conferences etc. She’s currently managing three different EU projects.

Natko Beck

Lead specialist of radiology and influencer

He is a fan of new technology, active on social networks with a mission of health literacy. He was declared Communicator of 2020. He co-organized the medical communication summit “Back Together”, where current topics where discussed through a series of panels. On Croatian Radio Television, he hosts a podcast and moderates the show Dr. Beck, in which 4 days a week he approaches medical conditions. He is the co-founder of the “Zora Foundation” with the aim of introducing cellular immunotherapy in Croatia. In his spare time, he happily volunteers with a portable ultrasound.

Mario Mikić-Vučak

Expert for XR technologies

At the age of 25, he opened his own company Culex d.o.o., which soon shifted to XR technologies, and devoted himself to the development of VR and AR content. While working with XR technologies, Mario is happy to participate in educational seminars and workshops, promoting and educating people about these technologies. During his career, he worked on numerous projects, achieving notable results.

Benedikt Perak

Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka

His research areas include corpus and cognitive linguistics, data science, digital humanities, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. He is the head of the Center for Language Research at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Laboratory for the Research of Cultural Complexity within the University Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Robert Kopal

President of the Management Board of Effectus Entrepreneurial Studies – University College

Triple helix experience. Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate and Professor of professional studies in a permanent position, author of 13 books and 70+ professional and scientific papers in the Republic of Croatia and abroad; leader and lecturer at 200+ workshops. Areas of interest: problem solving; decision making; analytics; creativity; education, AI; data science; game theory; behavioral economics; analysis of social networks; social physics; critical thinking; cyber security.

Renato Zdenko Jerončić

Lead statistical and analytical affairs at the Croatian Employment Service in Split

Focuses on labor market analysis and microanalysis of occupations and professions. He is a co-author of several books, scientific and professional articles, and a participant in international and domestic conferences on economic statistics and the labor market. He has been an external collaborator of the University of Split for many years, where he has taught and participated in courses as a senior lecturer. He has extensive experience in the real sector also as an private entrepreneur.

Karlo Ressler

Member of the European Parliament

Born in Zagreb, where he graduated magna cum laude with a master’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law in 2013. He spent the last year of his studies in England, after which he completed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for International Criminal Law in Freiburg. He worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb and as a parliamentary assistant to MEP Plenković. In 2016, he became an advisor to the Prime Minister. In 2019, he headed the list of candidates of HDZ and was elected Member of the European Parliament. During the current legislative term, he was the Parliament’s chief negotiator for the European budget, a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, and vice president of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence. The focus of his parliamentary work is on the budget, migration, and digital transformation.

Pawel Czerwony

Head of Education in Google – Central and Eastern Europe

Expert in the field of EdTech products and multimedia. Since 2004, he has been working in the field of new technologies for education. Started and developed a few Companies in the area of EdTech. In the beginning of career worked with the biggest educational publishing houses and EDU IT management solutions provider. He has a few years experience with e-learning products dedicated for the Educational institutions. Graduated from two faculties in University of Economics (Poland) and finished a 1 year post diploma course in Holmes Institute in Sydney (Australia). A member of the Polish Accreditation Committee at the Ministry of Education in Poland and Senior Advisor in EdTech Poland Foundation. Lecturer at several Universities. He has experience in Business operations on 5 continents (80+ countries).

Krešimir Končić

Owner and CEO of Neuralab

Krešimir is the owner of Neuralab, a team that produces eCommerce & web applications for larger organizations for over 15 years now. He worked on all sorts of digital projects including national banks, non-profits or online platforms. His free time is filled with cooking, writing and rewriting. You can read his columns and essays on media outlets like Mreža or Netokracija where he shares his thoughts about the overall technology landscape.

Ivan Maglić

Managing Director in Calisto d.o.o.

Ivan is engaged in the local business community and public organizations to build awareness about the impact of technology on the business process and economy in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He works with numerous board members and directors in both government and commercial organizations with the primary goal of helping to bridge the communication and understanding gap between ICT and the rest of the organization. Thanks to collaboration with leading Gartner analysts, it brings useful insights about digital disruption and the impact of technology trends on business models and industries. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Croatian Association of Employees (HUP- ICT), Ivan was a member of the organizational committee, program director and moderator of the national conference on digital transformation for the last three conferences – “Digital (R)evolution”.

Alexander Angelov

co-founder and director of the Center for Creative Training

Мember of the Innovative Schools Committee at the Ministry of Education and Science, and the first Google Certified Innovator in Bulgaria and CEE. Alexander has a PhD with a dissertation on the topic of “Changing the educational organization during the implementation of cloud technologies”. Alexander is committed to the qualitative change in Bulgarian education and to putting Bulgaria on the world map with the most striking examples of the meaningful use of technologies in education. Speaker of TEDx Varna 2017 and TEDx Stara Zagora 2019.

Conference Program


Day 1 ► Track 1
Friday, 13, 2022


Sessions examining new digital technologies in education, learning analytics, and the possibilities of creating and distributing digital educational content through different forms of cooperation between the public and private sector.

Day 1 ► Track 2
Friday, 13, 2022


Presentations of successful cooperations and good practice examples of the digitalization of education in schools and universities through projects focused on education and financed by EU funds. Presentations of different concepts involved in the digitalization of education – from infrastructure to digital educational content.

SCIENCE STAGE, a round table discussion

Topic: Digital education in the future: trend or need?

Day 2 ► Track 1
Saturday, 14, 2022

IZZI inspires

Short interactive sessions on the main functionalities of IZZI, the financial aspect of creating digital educational content, interesting digital projects in socially responsible business ventures, and new digital educational projects and contents.

Day 2 ► Track 2
Saturday, 14, 2022


Hands-on workshops on using IZZI tools to create digital content.

Presentations of technological solutions with the aim of advancing both the learning and teaching process.

CONFERENCE CLOSING > awards ceremony



SPLIT 2023

SPLIT 2022




After an insightful day at the Conference, don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities. The story of Split begins 17 centuries ago when the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build his palace on a peninsula near the great city of Salona. Diocletian’s Palace is listed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage and will amaze you with its grandeur and beauty.

Split, naturally, offers much more than its stunning history enriched by centuries of great artists who have left their mark on the city.

Enjoy the wonderful Marjan forest, beautiful beaches, and always busy waterfront.

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